We are proud to announce that Lakeside Fitness Center has been voted "Best CrossFit," "Best Spin," "Best Yoga," AND "Best Gym & Health Club," and runner up "Best Personal Trainer" in Bergen County in 2014, 15, 16, 17 & 18... let's keep that streak going!

Overview of Classes

Lakeside is proud to announce our vast group exercise schedule which offers a wide variety of classes to suit every need with over 200 classes per week to choose from - more than any club in Bergen County!!  Studies continue to prove that the very best fitness results are achieved through a group exercise environment and our highly experienced instructors deliver the very best there is to offer.

Our classes are suitable for the beginner to the advanced; we even have classes specifically for seniors!   Every class can be modified to suit your needs and our certified instructors are here to help you.  Our schedule includes some of the newest and most inspiring group exercise classes like Ballet Barre, Spin, Pilates, Yoga, Body Sculpt and many more.

Our huge indoor turf field hosts our bootcamp classes.  This brings the outside in with our dynamic trainers who will push and motivate you in a casual setting but guarantee to make you work hard and sweat!  We have a vast array of equipment to challenge every muscle.  Each class is different and each trainer has their own style – take it every day and never repeat an exercise.   Come try a class – you may surprise yourself how strong you are!

Benefits of Group Fitness

A experienced and creative fitness instructor will inspire you, teach you and help motivate you to develop a stronger body. 


A fitness class can help you move past a plateau by introducing new exercises or pushing you to train outside of the box.

You are more likely to commit to a fitness program when working out with a group rather than going it alone.  Taking different classes offers you the opportunity to cross train.

Cross Training reduces the risk of injury.

Regular aerobic exercise enhances your body’s ability to use fat as fuel.

For each pound of muscle you gain, you burn roughly 50 more calories each day.

Muscle gain translates into a higher resting metabolism.

Large Group Fitness Classes and Training

Field Turf - The turf area is used for speed and agility training, sprint training, and athletic conditioning drills. Trainers incorporate tools such as hurdles, agility ladders, cushioned plyometric boxes, sleds and tires. There are also boxing stations and TRX suspension units.

Lakeside Strength & Conditioning "Blue Room" - Strength and Cardiovascular Training Area - This area houses six squat racks, three lifting platforms, over a dozen pull up stations, TRX suspension units, ring set ups for muscle ups, dips and rows, as well as rowers and all the Kettlebells, and dumbbells you will need. 


Personal Training Area – Our one on one and small group personal training takes place in various areas throughout the facility.


Spin Studio - Our awesome Spin Studio has 30 spin bikes along with a state of the art sound and lighting system.

Wood Studio/GX Room - This area is where all of our Group Fitness classes are held.  The room houses a wide range of classes, from cardio, weights, strength, Pilates and yoga.


Fitness On Demand™  - Fitness On Demand™  is our new virtual group fitness system that allows our members to take any one of the almost 600 classes in our library – at any time of the day when there is no class being taught.   The Fitness On Demand™ is a state of the art video system that delivers workouts to you within seconds, anytime you want it.  You can pick a video by genre (cardio, strength, stretch, dance), by intensity level and time.  You can pick any workout you chose.  This is an amazing system and with today’s busy schedules we are not always free at the time of a regular class. This system is for you, be it 7am or 8pm, there is a class tailored for your needs.  With over 300 classes to chose from you won’t be bored with these energizing workouts.  Stop by today to be given a tour and learn about Fitness on Demand™ .

Small Group Fitness Classes and Training

Transformation Challenge:

Get Fit, Get Firm, Get in Great Condition

With Greg – Total body high intensity results driven workouts, plus off day training schedule, diet and nutritional guidance. Change your body – guaranteed!

Monday, Wednesday & Friday:

5:45am, 7am, 8:30am, 9:30am, 5:15pmpm


Strength & Power: Get strong!

Great for men and women, beginners or advanced lifters. Learn proper technique on bench, squat and deadlift and various other strength building exercises.


Weight Training for Women: Introduction to High Intensity Interval Training

With Toni - These moderate- to high-intensity circuits feature body-weight movements as well as “weighted” exercises with timed recovery to build strength and tone muscle. Each workout will include a dynamic warm-up, full-body workout and a cool down. Male and Female participants of all levels are welcome.



Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a high intensity, dynamic group training program that combines active stretching with cardio conditioning with interval cross training.  Boot Camp utilizes an array of equipment such as kettle bells, sand bags, tires, ropes and many other functional training tools under the guidance of experienced personal trainers.

Monday 5:30am, 9:30am, 12:10pm, 6pm; Tuesday 6pm; Wednesday 5:30am, 9:30am; Thursday 5:30am, 6pm; Friday 5:30am, 12:10pm; Saturday 8:00am, 9:30am; Sunday 9am


Kettlebell Boxing Boot Camp

With Bob - A large group training program that combines a variety of boxing bags/moves and kettlebells allowing you to work up a great sweat, burn calories and tone muscles. Under the guidance of kettlebell certified IKFF Kettlebell World Champion trainer, Bob Spina (gloves required).

Wednesday 6pm
Cost: Included in BootCamp and CrossFit memberships


Kettlebell Bootcamp:

With Bob and Dan - Build strength, endurance and core stability using kettlebells under the guidance of kettle bell certified IKFF Kettlebell World Champion trainer, Bob Spina.
Tuesday 9am; Thursday 9:30am and 12:10pm
Cost: Included in BootCamp and CrossFit memberships



With Beth - Bring your gloves for the latest cutting edge high intensity workout with our heavy bags. This class will empower YOU and unleash the warrior within (gloves required).


Body Sculpt:

With Various Instructors - A barbell and hand weight class that strengthens your entire body; great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for – and fast.
Monday 8:30am and 6pm, Tuesday 5:30am and 6:30pm, Thursday 5:30pm, Sunday 9:30am


Cardio KickBoxing:

With Beth and Toni - A high intensity boxing, core and cardio workout to develop strength and endurance. Calorie burning, muscle toning and an intense workout will be achieved with resistance training using boxing bags, weights, bands and more.

Work hard, have fun and reach your goals!!!!!!!!
Monday 9:30am


Cardio Sculpt/Tone:

With Various Instructors - Short bursts of cardio mixed with total body weight exercises will make you sweat and your heart rate increase to help burn fat and build lean muscle.
Tuesday 9:30am, Wednesday 6pm


Dynamic Barre:

With Dee - Everyone is talking about the new Barre classes!  This class integrates elements of pilates with cardio and strength training all performed at our ballet barre.  It is a total body workout, suitable for all levels of fitness.  Classes are simple to follow and fun.  Barre integrates Pilates, cardio and strength training but at the Barre. Program geared for everyone.
Wednesday 4:30pm, Saturday 9:30am

Functional Mobility:
Improve Your Flexibility

With Billy - This complimentary 30-minute class focuses on stretching and mobility. Participants will learn the proper elements of a dynamic warm-up and improve range of motion and joint flexibility. Participants of all levels are welcome.

Saturdays, TBD


Hatha Yoga:

With Keri – This class is a great place to learn basic poses, relaxation techniques, and become comfortable with yoga.
Monday 10:30am, Friday 6:30pm


H.I.I.T Spin:

With Alexis and Teri – A high intensity 30 minute ride that will get you moving and burning those calories in half the time.
Wednesday 6pm, Saturday 8am


Killer Core:

With Jamie - Total focus = total toning for the abs. A 30-minute killer core workout.
Monday and Wednesday 5:30pm



With Eileen - A unique mix of the beautiful sculpting and flexibility of Pilates with boxing moves into a fat torching, muscle sculpting, core-centric interval workout, guaranteed to whip you into shape using weighted gloves.
Wednesday 9:30am


Silver Sneakers & Silver Seniors

With Alan - This class will focus on strength, flexibility and balance with exercises designed to help maintain quality of life as we age.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12:30
Wednesday 10:30



Various Instructors - We have 7 qualified instructors to keep you motivated and entertained.  Each instructor has their own style and music choice whilst keeping to the same basic spinning principle.  We also have Fitness/Spin on Demand which is a streaming video system that allows you to take a spin class anytime you want.  Bring the outdoors in on a stationary bike and let the music move you while you jump & sprint to burn the calories.  
Monday 9:30am, 6pm; Tuesday 5:30am, 6pm; Wednesday 5:30am, 9:30am; Thursday 5:30am, 9:30am, 6pm; Friday 9:30am, Saturday 9:00am; Sunday 9:00am


With Dee - Burn fat fast with this intense class. Tabata is a method of interval training that consists of 20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously for four minutes. This class utilizes barbells, dumbbells, and body weight in full-body exercises that target large muscle groups.
Thursdays 6:30pm



With Veronica - Fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program suitable for all ages.
Tuesday 10:30am

Lakeside Fitness Center

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